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arrow Make Some Craft Foam Hats   (04/17/2013)
Marvelous Idea For A Birthday Party Activity
arrow Musical Chairs Art   (04/16/2013)
This Makes A Marvelous Party Craft Activity For The Young Ones
arrow Cherry Blossoms   (04/12/2013)
This Is A Lovely And Engaging Spring Craft Activity
arrow Spring Themed Tea Light Holder   (04/12/2013)
The Perfect Party Craft And Take-Home Party Favor As We Approach Mothers Day
arrow Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids Book Review   (03/25/2013)
Looks Like Something To Have On Your 'Rainy Day' Bookshelf
arrow Tear Art Bookmarks   (03/22/2013)
This Will Make A Delightful Preschool Party Craft Activity
arrow Dip Dye Doily Flowers   (03/21/2013)
Save Glass Jars And Pretty Ribbons To Decorate Their 'Mom Bouquet' Take-Home Party Favors
arrow Painted Rocks   (03/19/2013)
This Craft Activity Is An Alternative To Easter Egg Art But It Is So Much More
arrow Homemade Fireman Hat   (03/12/2013)
What Little Boy Wouldn't LOVE A Fireman's Hat
arrow Potato People   (03/11/2013)
These Are Entirely Too Much Fun To Limit To One Day A Year
arrow Fabric Heart Wreath   (02/01/2013)
Mom Gets To Hang It But The Kids Can Make This Fun Wreath
arrow D Heart Mobile   (01/30/2013)
This Is Another Kitchen Table Craft Activity That Can Be Easily Tweaked Into A Party Craft
arrow Tissue Paper Art Fun   (01/29/2013)
Fun Kitchen Table Craft Activities And One Good Party Craft Activity
arrow Tissue Paper Butterflies   (01/14/2013)
So Very Simple For Little Ones To Make Or So Simply Elegant As Party Decorations
arrow Pretzel Butterflies   (01/11/2013)
These Cute Pretzel Butterflies Would Make A Great Party Craft Activity
arrow Recycled Party Hats   (01/09/2013)
This Is A Perfect Craft Activity To Have The Kids Do While You Wait For Everyone To Arrive Or To Settle Them Down Before Cake And Ice Cream
arrow Homemade Bodyscrub for your Spa Birthday Party   (01/09/2013)
Both Scrub Recipes Here Can Be Mixed Up By The Kids- They're Easy
arrow Candy Making Fun   (12/12/2012)
Easy candy recipes for a family or playdate activity
arrow Waldorf Window Stars Tutorial   (12/06/2012)
Kite Paper Stars are simply paper folding with little bits of glue to hold them together
arrow Easy, Elegant Stenciled Ornaments   (12/03/2012)
A holiday craft just involved enough for artsy or preteen girls to really enjoy

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