There are a million great ideas on the web for crafts and things that kids can make and that kids will enjoy making

When we find ones that are adaptable as a party activity, and very many of them are, they'll be here for you.

Birthday Party Crafts are a tried and true party starter-

CheckMarkKeep everyone busy and engaged while all the guests arrive instead of running around and getting hyper

CheckMarkKids are naturally pretty creative, so a well planned craft activity should appeal to virtually all of your guests, even the boys if its something they can use or play with when complete

CheckMark Funnel all that party excitement into a sit down activity of not too long a duration and your group will be better able to listen to and follow directions for your next activities

CheckMarkIf your craft activity gives them ideas for something to do at home on a rainy afternoon, all the better

CheckMarkThe cost of the materials for a nice craft activity that they take home as their party favor replaces the cost for those dreadful goody bags full of sugar and plastic

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arrow Homemade Scratch Art   (08/01/2013)
Another Creativity-Expanding Kitchen Table Art Activity
arrow Glowing Clay Recipe   (07/24/2013)
Clay Is A Creative Plaything That Works On The Right-Brain Creative Side As Well As Those Small Motor Skills
arrow Pipe Cleaner Flowers   (07/09/2013)
Easy Enough For Preschoolers To Get Real Satisfaction Out Of Making Something So Fun And Cool
arrow Flower & Leaf Crafts   (07/05/2013)
A Whole Host Of Artistic/Crafty Creations To Be Done With Summer Flowers
arrow Simple Leather Bracelets   (07/02/2013)
Crayons On Purchased Leather Bands- Who Knew!
arrow Clothes Pins and Backyard Party Art   (06/28/2013)
Keep Everybody Happily Busy Painting While You Wait For All The Arrivals
arrow DIY Sidewalk Paint   (06/21/2013)
Have The Kids Paint While You Wait For Party Guests To Arrive
arrow Nail Art Ideas   (06/20/2013)
The PERFECT Addition To A Spa Or Sleepover Party For The Girls
arrow Freezer Paper Transfer   (06/18/2013)
Fun For T-Shirt Making Without The Expense Of The Office Supply Store Transfer Paper
arrow Popper Rockets   (06/11/2013)
Party Craft And Confetti Explosion
arrow Homemade Lip Gloss   (05/30/2013)
Perfect As A Craft And Then Take-Home Favor From Your Spa Party
arrow Diy Tissue Flowers   (05/30/2013)
A Perfect Rainy Afternoon Craft Activity As Well As A Perfect Party Craft For The Girls
arrow Tin Can Stilts   (05/16/2013)
Empty Painted And Punched Cans Made Ahead Of Time Will Work As Your Party Craft Before The Team Competition Stilt Races
arrow Pipe Cleaner Pals   (05/15/2013)
This Would Make A Good Party Craft As Well As An At Home Craft Activity
arrow Paper Pinwheels   (05/13/2013)
Help The Kids Make These At Your Summer Birthday Party And Then They Can Run Off Some Energy Making Them Spin
arrow Recycled Animals   (05/10/2013)
With These Pictures For Inspiration, Your Young Party Guests Will Go To Town Making Their Animals
arrow Recycled Robots   (05/10/2013)
You Supply The Junk, They Bring The Imagination To Their Robot Constructions
arrow Crepe Paper Flowers   (05/08/2013)
What Mom Wouldn't Want To Get These Hand-Made Beauties For Mother's Day?
arrow How to Make Paper Airplanes   (05/07/2013)
A Good Birthday Party Craft Followed By Outdoor Play And Airplane Races
arrow DIY Splash Balls   (05/07/2013)
A Craft And Water Play Fun That Works For A Summer Backyard Party Too

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