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52 Weeks of Creativity
Art With AnythingAn award winning children's book packed full of kids activities that encourage creativity is worth getting for your own children and giving as kids birthday gifts. Learn More
Princess Game for Princess Party
Disney Memory GameThe perfect birthday party gift to take to your next Princess Party OR to use as a birthday party game at your own Princess Party. Learn More
Shrinky Dinks
Shrinky DinkHere's a reasonably priced, creativity inspiring kids birthday gift to give any friend that likes art and/or craft projects. Learn More
Cooking with Dora and Diego
Dora And Diego CookGive a gift of quality time with mom in the kitchen while learning that eating healthy can be eating tasty and fun. Learn More
Don't tell them they're learning something
Scrabble SlamI saw an ad for this game on TV and immediately thought what a great kids' birthday party gift it would be. Learn More
A LOL Book
Cowboys and OctopusWhat better birthday party gift than pages full of laughs with Mom or Dad at bedtime! Learn More
Solitary Fun
Playng CardsAn inexpensive kids birthday gift idea that delivers hours of fun and brain building for those alone times when the only other alternative is often the TV. Learn More
Old Fashioned Marble Fun
MarblesSo old fashioned they're brand new to today's kids. Marbles. They make a good gift because they're a good game. Learn More
Animal Puppets
Animal Hand PuppetsThe best toys are the ones that spark the innate creativity in the child. Puppets are just such a toy, so they make a very thoughtful birthday party gift. Learn More
Pillow Pets
Panda Pillow PetA snugly friend will always be a welcome and well-loved birthday party gift. Choose from a variety of animal buddies that are also soft child size pillows. Learn More
Paper Princesses
An old-fashioned toy that still gives joy. And you can give that joy next time you need a kids birthday gift for a girl, at virtually no expense to you. Now THAT'S a good deal. Learn More
Art Start
DrawingHere's a D-I-Y kids birthday party gift idea that costs very little but will open up a whole new world for the artistically inclined child. Learn More
Personalized Totes
Tote BagBefore they become shoe-a-holics, girls are often bag-a-holics, so personalizing their own tote makes a marvelous birthday party craft activity. Learn More
YoYo to GoGo
YoYoWe all tried a yo-yo sometime during our life, but few of us ever had the necessary information or instruction to get good at it, so it was boring. Not any more. Learn More
Homer's Epic
OdysseyHomer's 'Odyssey' is a terrific tale with the kid appeal of action, monsters, death and destruction, etc., all beautifully whittled down in a children's version. Learn More
40 Fun Garden Projects to Give
Kids GardenThese 40 garden projects are just the ticket for fun that kids can enjoy with their parents while learning at the same time. Learn More
Animals Fantastic
SwitchZooA fun and educational computer game that makes a great kids birthday gift for anyone that loves animals. Calling all 'Animal Planet' junkies!! Learn More
A Magical Mobile
Dragon Mobile BookGive a gift that keeps that childhood imagination and creativity working right into the pre-teen years. Learn More
The Double Gift
Kohls KidsKids birthday party gifts aren't a competition for who can spend the most. And in this case, spending a very reasonable amount can do the most good. Learn More
Gift Cards for Teens and Preteens
Gift CardI'm most definitely NOT a fan of gift cards- BUT they do have their place and I find certain ones to be perfect for birthday party gifts for hard to please teens and preteens. Learn More
Thinking Skills that are FUN
Apples to Apples GameGood games that can be played with the family, with siblings and with friends are the just the best kind of birthday party gift. Learn More


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