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ProSkater2 Video Game
Pro SkaterA video game for preteen or young teen boys that's not violent but still fun and engaging - what a good idea for a kids birthday gift Learn More
Logic Building Puzzles
Logic Links GameIf you're like me and would prefer a kids birthday gift that was skill building and fun instead of just plastic nonsense, then you should know about this game Learn More
Big Nate Laughs
Big NateLaughter is good for the soul, so it makes one of best kids birthday gifts you can give Learn More
Flip 4 Math
Flip 4Games make terrific kids birthday gifts and they're even better when they help kids learn like Flip 4 does for math Learn More
Zingo for Preschool Birthday Parties
Use Zingo as one of your preschool birthday party games or as a kids birthday gift- either way it will be a big hit. Learn More
Honk Honk
Rush HourHow about a kids birthday gift that's a really fun game and so good at teaching math that they use it in elementary school for that purpose? Learn More
Magnetic Shapes Fun
NanospheresBilled as the 'most popular desktop toy in America', it's clear from the reviews that kids love this puzzle-game just as much as adults so it makes a great kids birthday gift. Learn More
Puzzles for the Brain
Rubik's CubeRubik's Cube has been challenging minds since it appeared on the scene in 1974, and puzzles make great kids birthday gifts. Learn More
Metamorphosis Up Close
Butterfly GardenSpring is springing and that makes now the perfect time for this science based, fascinating kids birthday gift Learn More
Shirt Fashions
T-ShirtsThis craft can be pretty much your whole party for your next preteen or young teen girls birthday. They'll be busy for at least an hour creating, chit chatting, modeling, then doing it all over again only better. Learn More
The Qwirkle Board Game
QwirkleAnother great game hits the list of great kids birthday gifts. It's reasonably priced, an easy game to learn yet not so simple to master and it engages those brain cells. Learn More
To Open Or Not to Open?
Birthday GiftsPerhaps the 'rip and shred' of the birthday gift opening is exactly the right time to teach your birthday child how to receive from others in a gracious manner. Learn More
Pirates Liar Dice Game
Pirates Liar Dice GameThis is a game that actually teaches the math concept of probability, and is apparently a blast to play, so clearly it makes a nice kids birthday gift. Learn More
Giving the Giving Lesson
GivingPerhaps this lousy economy has given parents a good way to get their child thinking in the direction of turning their birthday party gifts into a charitable gift. Learn More
for Young Engineers
Build ItThis is an educational toy that stimulates their brains to solve problems and you'll be proud to give it as a kids birthday gift. Learn More
Paper Craft Fun
PaperoniThis is different from the usual craft kit gift, and the 'crafty' child will appreciate that. And at Amazon's price, it's a good bargain kids birthday gift to help your budget. Learn More
Award Winning Activity Case
MagnaKaseWhen an educational toy actually wins an award from a pediatrician with over 30 years experience, a pediatrician who routinely evaluates toys for kids, then we parents ought to take notice. Learn More
Picking a Charity Instead of Gifts
CharityNext time you and your child see one of the supermarket Santas, do let your child put some coins or bills in the bucket, and I'd like to also suggest a conversation about your child's next birthday party and the birthday party gifts. Learn More
Handmade at Etsy
HandmadeJust in time for Christmas gifts and always there for delightful, handmade kids birthday gifts, I wanted to make sure you all knew about this website. Learn More
20 Questions for Parties
20 QuestionsWith a couple of modifications, 20 Questions becomes a great addition to your planned birthday party games. Learn More
52 Weeks of Creativity
Art With AnythingAn award winning children's book packed full of kids activities that encourage creativity is worth getting for your own children and giving as kids birthday gifts. Learn More


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