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Here's a run down of all our Free Resources for kids birthday parties (you can use the link to jump to a description of each resource):

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Kids Gift Ideas

Gift Pool Service

Party Planning Guide

Downloadable Party Favors


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Weekly 'Tip-Of-The-Day' Email:

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Gift Ideas:

A well thought out present shows the recipient how much you care- and that's as true for kids as it is for adults. So often, though, party presents are last minute purchases because most of us just don't have enough hours in the day.

The Birthday Party Gift Idea Reference Guide is full of thoughtful, interesting, often overlooked gift ideas that will really please when presented to the right child. It's a matter of matching the gift to the child - and a quick call to parents will usually tell you if you're on the right track.

While gift ideas are included in our daily birthday tips and their weekly email, here's the link to the entire guide to birthday gifts for kids.


Gift Pool Service:

Maximize the value of all those dollars spent on gifts, AND, minimize the waste of unwanted/uninteresting gifts. This is a WIN-WIN for everyone.

Guest's parents can contribute their gift dollars by credit card and you can use the contributed funds to purchase that one or two really meaningful gifts for the birthday child- something they REALLY WANT, something that's too expensive otherwise.

All without the hassle or embarassment of having to chase people down to get their money because it's so easy to do by credit card. Print out the little card telling people where/how to make their contributions, slip them into your invitations, and you're good to go.

Make the most of those party gifts by pooling the funds.

Planning Guide:

My party package are here for those parents not wanting to go the Do-It-Yourself route, but I know many people prefer to D-I-Y. So, based on my success, I've created a printable guide for putting together a fun yet structured kids party that keeps everyone engaged in the activities.

These 'rules' for a successful kids party will avoid that 'worst nightmare' of a group of rambunctious kids all doing there own thing and making trouble for the hosts.

Access your Printable Plannng Guide here.

Printable Party Favors:

You've probably realized by now that waste is a big problem with me. And when it comes to kids parties, I see no bigger source of waste than the traditional 'goody bag' filled with teeth-rotting candy and plastic junk - stuff that it's just not worth spending our hard earned money on.

We've got two ways to help you with those favors:

  1. Check out our collection of kids party favor ideas - from our daily tips.

  2. Send your guests home with a simple momento that didn't cost anything. Print them out here.