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from Heather in Newcastle:
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The kids really enjoyed the murder part of the party. During the wedding feast we were happy to hear the kids very engaged in the storyline, accusing each other of being the murderer. They really seemed to enjoy having their turn to publicly accuse somebody during the trial. At our party nobody wanted to be the murderer. We had a tie between PM Kinsha and Gen. Fousha.

from Amy in Liberty:
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Loved the party! The kids had a great time.

from Karin in Westfield:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarBlank Star  

The Medieval party was well organized and researched. People seemed to have fun.

from Alison in Walla Walla:
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Our daughter is 14, quiet, loves books. This party was a huge hit because there were parts for fourteen kids, boys as well as girls. It stretched her a little outside her comfort zone, but everyone had so much fun dressing up, plotting. scheming and laughing that she gained some new friends. The unexpected birthday present is that she isn't so nervous starting high school this week. Her friends are still talking about the party. Thank you so much.

from Susan in United Kingdom:
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We used this party as an End of Year party for 11yr olds who go to an International school in Singapore. They were very excited and intrigued about the party especially as they knew their teacher was going to get murdered at some point. They all made an effort to dress up and in the playground I constructed a banquet tent for them to eat in. I also made goblets very cheaply out of plastic disposable wine glasses and gluing jewels onto them.

They all said they had a great time, they loved the scheming but I think they loved accusing each other at the trial more, that got quite noisy and as we were in a small hall there were lots of shouts from the upper benches down on the ones giving evidence. All the other classes were jealous as they just went bowling or swimming.

Even with a sick computer it was very easy to print out and I would definitely use one of these party games again! This was a party they will remember, thank you

from Naomi in London:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star  

A group of 12 year old 'Princesses' surprisingly loved all the haggling and negotiation required in the run up to the murder scene, just as much as the following trial. Their excited squeals disturbed the deaf octogenarian living next door. It was great because everybody had a part and all were required to stand up and 'defend' themselves with surprising consequences.

from Karen in Los Angeles:
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The party was a huge success. We had 17 girls and two boys and most everyone came in costume. The girls decided that prime ministers could be girls. They were really into the politics and changing things around by trading armies and making new alliances. The party was really high energy and when King Stephen died it was great fun. The secrets came at just the right time creating more intrigue at just the right time. There is no way I could have made this game up. Thanks for putting it out there.

from Pat in Oakville:
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The party was a great success. We were a few people short so the adults got to participate. The kids had a great time and were really involved - much more than we anticipated. Thank you for helping us have a great party.

from Andrea in Louisville:
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I have a girl scout troop they are all around 11 years old. They loved doing the party. We did a winter camping trip. It was a perfect Sat. night event. Thumb-up from Troop 715 in Louisville,OH

from Vicki in Odessa:
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We had the Medieval Party for eighteen 11 year olds. The kids had a blast. They all could not wait until the party. We handed out invitations 2 weeks early and all but 1 showed up !! The kids talked about it and couldn't wait for it to happen. The parents were all curious and wanted to stay and watch. They all dressed their parts and were entertained the whole time !! Thank you Party Games Lady !! I will be back !!

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