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from Susana in Charlottetown:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star  

The kids had lots of fun, and it all worked out. I was a little taken aback by the size of the party package. I wonder if the layout could be tightened up on a few things like the name tags for instance for fewer pages. I also would have liked a one pager for party that addressed the package and could go out to other parents and kids. At the end of the day improvisation was the winner and a few of the children got overly stressed about their roles. However overall this was a really successful party and I'd recommend it to friends. Thanks!

from Kimberly in 14962:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star  

I really liked the idea of having this party although it turned out o.k. I would suggest to pick the murderer instead of voting who the murderer was. It kinda let us all down, because I didn't get a chance to read on. I would have change a few things. Maybe make more simple. Overall we had a great time. A little lengthy but worth it. We had fun visiting with one another and asking silly questions. It was more fun for the adults than the kids. We had five year olds in on it and was curious as to how it ended. I would recommend it to anybody! Had a great time and that was worth every penny spent!

from Suzette in St Charles:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarBlank Star  

The party we had was for 4th grade girls - they were a bit confused in the first half of the party as to what they were trying to accomplish - but they really enjoyed the trial!

I was the host and tried to have a part (PM Kinsha) I would suggest the host not have a part so you can keep things moving along.

from Marji in Rye Brook:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star  

This was a fun, creative, very different birthday party. All of the girls did a great job of keeping track of their objectives considering all of the materials and all of the characters. Several came wearing home-made crowns which was adorable. While I think it was a little tough for 11 year olds, they all seemed to have a great time especially when they were accusing each other of murdering the King!

from Keith in Newcastle:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star  

The kids really enjoyed the murder part of the party. During the wedding feast we were happy to hear the kids very engaged in the storyline, accusing each other of being the murderer. They really seemed to enjoy having their turn to publicly accuse somebody during the trial. At our party nobody wanted to be the murderer. We had a tie between PM Kinsha and Gen. Fousha.

from J. in Macomb Township:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarBlank Star  

I was a little scared and confused with all the different aspects of the party. I felt like there was too much going on and too many different things happening. But I was wrong!

The kids LOVED it! I even had one boy say "Thank-you so much for this awesome party! I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it and we appreciate it!" Seriously, a sweet 12 year old told me that! And really the time involved was not any more than a normal party. I recommend it!

from Mari in Pretoria:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star  

The party was a success. The preparation is detailed and we did it well in advance. Friends were so excited when invitations went out that some others came to request to be invited as well. I could unfortunately only accommodate a limited number. Friends really studied material and the amount of dialogue and planning during the game was just amazing. The jury was also very successful. I did find that the adults (2 of us) who studied the game had to give some comments/questions to spark thoughts from time to time. The game lasted about 90 minutes for a group of 26 children, 13 years, boys and girls.

We allocated 2 people to some roles because of numbers we had. This worked well and they did team up. Prepare well if you have to lead the party, because it is needed during the proceedings, but it works. I have not seen such excitement and involvement for the duration of a party. The mix of boys and girls worked well because they focus on different things and that catches the attention. Well done, this ended a primary school relationship for a group of friends on a very high note.

from Simon in Exeter:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarBlank Star  

The party was a great success. The children enjoyed themselves and really got into their roles.

from in Arlington Heights:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarBlank Star  

Overall, we really liked the Medieval Party Package. It was easy to download, customize and print. We had 14 guests ages 12 to 14. They all had fun with with their characters and costumes. My husband really got into his dramatic death scene. It was crazy and fun!

from Kerrie in Taperoo:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star  

Theoretically, the party should have been a complete disaster. Most invitees had not given the invitation to their caregivers and so their caregivers did not respond and I could not contact them until it was time to allocate parts. Upon receiving the parts, four people definitely declined and three people failed to show. My daughter did not want me to fill in for any of the parts (not even Prince John who cancelled at the last minute). To make matters worse I hurt my back three days before the party and could barely walk and came down with the flu on the day of the party.

Luckily my children were so excited by the party that they cheerfully did a lot of the work for the party on party day. The attending children were so excited that the absence of so many characters did not phase them for more than a minute or two: they just worked with what they had. They all had a blast whilst my husband and I served the food and moderated the very heated allegations of theft and murder. It was great: I wouldn't have expected the party plan to be so resilient to absences and parental ill-health. Thank you.

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