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from Gayle in Cedar Creek:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star  

My 10 yr. old had a blast with her friends working on their scripts and scenery...kept them busy throughout the evening and into the next day...Everything came together beautifully...I did have 2 little girls that were 7 yrs old along with the 10 yr. olds, and it was a bit much for them, but they pulled it together!...We had a birthday cake made matching the invitations...would definitely rate this a 5 star...look forward to trying one of your detective parties for a younger child!

from Masami in :
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarBlank Star  

My daughter's party went well. The preparation on the day took longer than I'd expected, however. Everybody wanted to contribute to dialogues (they were very enthusiastic!). It took ages to get through the whole script. We ran out of time and had only managed to rehearse one and a half time before our audience started arriving. It was a bit difficult to make up perfect lines to make the story line clear to the audience, but in the end I don't think it really mattered.

I was very impressed that they came up with quite clever and funny lines. I was a bit concerned about the girl who's part was the youngest princess (we don't have a 'little sister') as she didn't have much to do, but she did a great scream when she was captured and also improvised fantastic 'victory dance' when she was freed. We found a long cardboard tube and made it into a long bloom. It was very funny when the evil queen and witches appeared on stage riding it together. Also, we used paper chains instead of ropes to attach the drawbridge to the towers. The Sorceress dramatically chopped the chain off when she cast her spell.

The best thing about this party was the girls really enjoyed the anticipation before the actual party. They loved the invitation and then got desperate to know what part they will get, then started planning their costume etc. Thank you for giving me a great inspiration.

from Jennifer in Prairie Village:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarBlank Star  

The girls were so excited to be in a play! They really had a great time getting into character & dressing up. It was a huge success!

from Jena in Edmond:
Review StarReview StarReview StarBlank StarBlank Star  

I highly recommend you change the prep time and schedule. For Saving Magica you suggested 2+ hours for the party. I scheduled for 3. I usually do the entire birthday myself and get very creative so I loved having the brain power saved on that end. But I seriously needed a good 4-5 hours with the girls. I moved with lightening speed through the schedule on target and they were not even ready to perform by the time the families arrived. Most of these girls have even performed before and they weren't ready. It took us over 45 minutes just to learn the play and get a feel for who was good and who was evil and what the point was. Allotting only 20 minutes is not enough time to even read through the script. Then once they did get it and got costumes etc. then they needed at least an hour to run through it to rehearse. We ran so much over that we ended up having cake with the parents after the performance even though I had allowed time for it before. We also did not have time to open presents. Over all it was a success because the kids loved it and the parents said it got a star for most original birthday party. But as a parent I was very frazzled and I am a type A organized person. So it made for a lot of stress- time wise. I would just suggest that parents really allow for more time. Thanks -Jena

[NOTE FROM BIRTHDAY PARTY GAMES LADY] Not to suggest that 2+ hours might not be a tight schedule, the suggested time frame of 2+ hours refers ONLY TO THE PLAY PART OF THE PARTY. If you want cake and presents or anything else, ADD ADDITIONAL TIME. My group of girls did do it all in 2 hours and 15 minutes, but perhaps I moved them along at a quicker pace.

from Allison in Mars:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star  

All 10 of the girls that attended the party had a wonderful time. It was easy to put together, even the set. There was a little confusion with the script. In 1 scene, the script called for the Good Queen but I think it was a mistake as if did not make sense with her. Instead, we just used the Evil Queen. The girls also could not figure out if the Sorceress was good or bad. In hindsight, I should have studied the script more closely prior to the party. Despite the confusion with the script, the girls had a wonderful time. And I would definitely consider using another one of the parties for my younger daughter's birthday in March.

from Nicollette in Erin:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarBlank Star  

The girls loved the Magica Party. They all brought their costumes and were having a great time on the stage. They enjoyed writing their own script and did an awesome job - I couldn't believe the spells and sayings they came up with....very impressive!! A few of the girls are normally very shy but, this party brought out the best in everyone!!

from Carol in Evanston:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarBlank Star  

When my 11 year old daughter told me she wanted to do a play for her birthday, I wasn't quite sure how to pull that off, but this was an easy solution and the kids loved it!

from Cheryl in Ellicott City:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarBlank Star  

Everyone had a great time! The party was a real success. My daughter's one word description for her birthday, "Awesome"!

from Christine in Alameda:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star  

We did the Magica party for my daughter's 11th birthday. She and her friends LOVED it and had a really great time! All the parents were quite impressed with their production. It was an easy party - my daughter did most of the props before the party so I just had to worry about the food. I would recommend this party - it was fun and easy!!

from Sue in Winchester:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star  

They had a great time - we hired 10 wigs and used a face painting kit. All the princesses and the queen had huge updos and geisha-white makeup. It looked fantastic. We used our patio doors for the stage and had the parents on chairs on the deck (in March!!! - mulled wine all round). We used my husbands projector to create a back drop. Party girl had a really good party - many thanks

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