Terms of Service for Good Gift Pool

Refund Policy: No refunds of Good Gift Pool payments will be given. Your Good Gift Pool payment is made at your discretion, and paid to the Good Gift Pool Coordinator for the named recipient's celebration.

Service Fee: The Good Gift Coordinator is aware, and you are hereby advised, that 5% of the total of all Good Gift Pool gifts will be retained to cover the cost of processing the individual credit card payments that comprise the contributions to the Good Gift Pool. The credit card payments to the Good Gift Pool are a convenience for all, and while I wish this convenience were free, it's not.

Use of Good Gift Pool Proceeds: The pool Coordinator has total discretion over the final use of the Good Gift Pool funds. While designed to provide the ultimate recipient with a nicer gift rather than a bunch of small gifts, or for a chariable donation in lieu of gifts, the Coordinator has total discretion over the actual use of the funds.

Anonymous Payments: If the Coordinator for your Good Gift Pool has opted to keep the identity and payment amounts of all participants anonymous, the Coordinator will then not know whether or how much you contributed to the Good Gift Pool for the designated recipient.

Your agreement on the payment page, required to process your Good Gift Pool payment, indicates that you are informed of and agree to these Terms of Service.