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Birthday Party Games Lady - for Kids

This didn't start as a business- just a way to give my kids great birthday parties without breaking the bank.

But with encouragement from other mom's whose kids loved the parties, I thought about making it into a business. And it occured to me that "intellectual property" such as these parties was perfect for sale on the Internet.


And so started an incredibly steep learning curve about the Internet, search engines, html code (that's what websites are written in), marketing copy, automation,  jpg's and gif's... I could go on and on. It's been interesting, more intellectually stimulating than driving kids to soccer practice, but flexible enough that I can be there for them.  And still maybe pay for college!

Having worked in finance for almost 20 years before my eldest was born, it's no surprise that I'm back working. But even when I went "part time" the first year after she was born, it was no good for me- it was neither satisfying being home part time nor being in the office part time- I always missed the other half of both. So I quit to stay home with my daughter, and three years later with both my daughters. It was the right decision for me and my family.

And yes, selling birthday parties and finance couldn't be more different.

I always had a creative side that didn't find an outlet at my job, so I gardened, sewed, did "faux painting".

But as the kids got older and needed less of my time (if not less parenting), I got interested in this challenge. And there is ONE common thread between the two careers that even works to your benefit as my customer: as a banker working at a major global bank, I was responsible for and had the authority to approve the movement of literally billions of dollars around the world. So- rest assured that I'm not in this to steal your money.

I am in this to grow the business with new parties, new ventures, new ideas. And to have FUN doing it! Any of you with a twinge to get your idea out on the net- give me a yell and we'll talk. I've learned a great deal- selling it may even be my next challenge.

About the picture above of my two daughters, it's my favorite- you learn to love all the "attitude". Unfortunately, it doesn't include my husband- a great guy who's been very supportive of the time it's taken to get Birthday Party Games Lady off the ground.



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