Save 10% on your Birthday Party Games Lady purchase

In honor of the lousy economy and the tough times all families are having stretching their dollars, here's a way to save some money on your next kids birthday party and help me spread the word about my party packages, all at the same time.

Just EMail 3 of your friends or relatives about this website

Use the easy form below to do it in no time, and get a rebate coupon worth 10% off the purchase price of any of the 4 Premium Party Packages offered. Use the rebate yourself, or pass it along to a friend or relative. Send the email to more than 3 people (by doing it more than once) and earn more rebate coupons (only one coupon per Premium party purchase, but most of you have more than one child!).

It's quick, it saves you money and it helps me let more people know about the Birthday Party Games Lady party packages. Everybody wins. Just follow the prompts below and when complete you'll be directed to your Rebate Coupon to print.

NO SPAM- Your 3 friends will receive this message, and only this message. If they're interested and come to the website, great. If not, they'll hear nothing from me. I do not retain their emails, or yours, on file and I give zero information to any third parties, period. You will also not receive anything from me, unless you make a request in a separate message. Truly- No Spam.

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I found this birthday party site and thought you should know about it for your kids too.

The party packages are inexpensive, and according to the comments from other parents that have used them, easy to host and great fun for the kids. You can even use the little black 'Reminder' button at the top of the sites' pages to send yourself an email reminder (on the date of your choosing) to come back to the website when your next birthday party is coming up. Hope this is helpful- we've all got too much to do and this would be a real time saver.


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Have a great party!