We've got the 3 BEST 9 year old girls birthday party ideas right HERE!

The Detective Party... [perfect for all girls, mixed groups, all boys)

The Harry Potter Party... [all girls, mixed, or all boys)

The Magica Theatre Party... [not for the boys)

Each of these parties gives the kids a chance to use those developing brains...

At the Detective Party: To find the clues, decode the riddles and determine who among them is a 'ghost' and who did the dasterdly deed (all clearly make-believe and age-appropriate as the 'ghost' gets revived for cake and ice cream once they solve the mystery).

At the Harry Potter Party: To get 'sorted', score points for their House, make potions and cast spells, and, of course, play Quidditch

At the Magica Party: As the Fairytale Players, presenting the original play "Saving Magica" (told you this was a 'girl thing')

Your girls will be completely engaged in the game(s) or putting on their play, challenged, with brains in full gear, actively 'doing' the entire time. These are...

The Keys to Planning an 'Awesome' and Successful Party for Kids this Age:

CheckMark Build your party plan around a 'theme' that draws them in from the minute they see your invitation. Now that these kids have been to about a million birthday parties, you need to set yours apart. To get the engagement you need to keep everything flowing smoothly and stay in control, plus the 'awesomeness' your birthday child expects, new and different is now more important than ever.

  • Something new and unique like solving the mystery at the Detective Party
  • Or something they really LOVE to do but don't get to do in an organized format, like putting on skits for the girls
  • Or something they've already been exposed to but taken to a new level, like actually being PART of the Harry Potter magic

CheckMark Similarly, your invitation needs to cause excitement about your party so the kids are in the frame of mind to follow your lead when they arrive. Keeps the 'attitude' from creeping in. Find an enticing 'hook' for your invitaton, like this Detective Party invitation, that they can't resist. It's REALLY worth the effort because this gets them engaged from the get-go. (Not to worry- the Harry Potter and Magica Party invitatons are just as exciting to the kids - click to see them)

CheckMark Challenge them so they stay with you and your planned activities. Nobody wandering off getting into mischief. Mix it up with both mental and more physical challenges.

CheckMark Challenge them yes, BUT keep your eyes peeled for the kid(s) having a little trouble keeping up, and step in as necessary to avoid any embarrassment.

CheckMark By age 9, the kids understand and enjoy competition , but it's still best to keep all challenges on the group or team rather than the individual level.

CheckMark And, it's still a good idea to limit the overall size of your party and not do the 'whole class' thing. With a bigger and more diverse group, the interpersonal dynamics can get away from you more easily, making it tougher to stay in control.

It's all these party strategies incorporated into our party packages that make them such Huge Hits with the Kids

Apply these same strategies to your party planning and your 9 year olds party will be equally 'awesome'.

But why not go with one of these Tried and Tested (and Guaranteed) Detective, Magica or Harry Potter parties? The've been delighting kids for all of the 17 years we've been providing them online. Everything's available for immediate download and it will go together for you in just a couple of hours for the Detective Party, longer for the Harry Potter Party (the prep is a bit more involved as there are a variety of games rather than one all-encompassing mystery). Tha Magica Party is actually put together by the kids themselves- you just print out their 'prompts' and provide some props, so it goes together REALLY fast.

Hedwig Sherlock

The Detective Party: The invitation, all clues and hiding places, and a 'warm up' detective game, are all included and a printable party favor and themed thank you's are available. It really is a 'complete' party package. Follow this link for the full details about this awesome Detective Party.

The Harry Potter Party: The printable invitation with their 'ticket' to Track 9 3/4, all games with prep and playing instructions, printable banner and a schedule are all included with the Harry Potter Party Package. Again, a printable party favor and themed thank you's are also available. Follow this link for everything you need to know about the magical Harry Potter Party.


The Magica Party: We give you the invitaion and the scripts for each player to print out. Each script contains the plot but also includes stage directions (exit, curtain, etc.) and space for each player to write in their dialogue (based on the action in the script). It's simple enough that no one has many lines or actions to remember, and writing their own lines helps them learn it. You just provide the performance space. For 10 players. Follow this link for everything you need to know about the Magica Party.

Otherwise, browse through our resource of party ideas collected from around the web. All are suitable for kids age 9 and 10:

Kids that are 9 and 10 share many similarities but are also very different. My daughter can be into and enjoy things your son loves to do, and vice versa. The older ones will just take things to a different level. So I group my party ideas into a bracket for 9 and 10 year olds. You'll easily be able to pick out the ideas that are gender specific.

Head on over to the full list of party ideas for kids in this age bracket - CLICK HERE

If you'd like to search this party ideas database for 9-10 year olds by TYPE of entry (Games, Food, Decorations, Crafts, Favors, Gifts, Themes, Invitations) grab out Interactive Kids Party Planner HERE and you'll be able to do so.

Photo of me and my kids

We hope you find the perfect party ideas here and are glad if we've been helpful.