You're looking for Birthday Party Ideas for 9 Year Old Boys? You've Found Them!

Not only that, you've found the TWO BEST birthday parties for your gang of 9 year olds:

The Detective Party... [perfect for mixed groups and all girls as well)

The Harry Potter Party... [also great for mixed groups or all girls)

Give them all a chance to use their smarts

To find the clues, decode the riddles and determine who among them is a 'ghost' and who did the dasterdly deed in the Detective Party (all clearly make-believe and age-appropriate as the 'ghost' gets revived for cake and ice cream once they solve the mystery).

To get 'sorted', score points for their House, make potions and cast spells, and, of course, play Quidditch at the Harry Potter Party

Your boys will be totally engrossed in the game(s), using their brains AND moving about expending energy, both being the key to ANY successful party for kids this age.

How to plan a Super Successful Party for 9 year olds:

CheckMark Challenge Them- both Physically and Mentally - That way they'll stay with you for the duration. Nobody wandering off getting into mischief

CheckMark By age 9, the kids understand and enjoy competition , but keep it a team competition so you don't get bitten by the one that doesn't.

CheckMark Your theme needs to be seen as a 'cool' thing to do
- like the 'mystery' behind the Detective party:
it's perceived to be something 'big people' do so it's by definition interesting
- while Harry Potter has captivated an entire generation with it's magic, so no worries there about the kids buying into the whole theme

CheckMark Your chosen theme has become much more important now that these kids have been to about a thousand different birthday parties. To get the engagement you want and the 'awesomeness' your birthday child expects, new and different is more important than ever

CheckMark Similarly, your invitation needs to cause excitement about your party so the kids are in the frame of mind to follow your lead when they arrive. Keeps the 'attitude' from creeping in. Find an enticing 'hook' for your invitaton, like this Detective Party invitation, that they can't resist. It's REALLY worth the effort because this gets them engaged from the get-go. (Not to worry- the Harry Potter Party invitaton is equally exciting to the kids)

CheckMark You're still better off limiting the size of your party rather than doing the 'whole class' thing. Too many interpersonal dynamics creep in when it's a big diverse group, all making it more difficult to stay on top of everybody and everything.

CheckMark With more challenging activities for your group, keep your eyes peeled for the kid(s) having a little trouble keeping up, and step in as necessary to avoid any embarrassment. It's still best to keep all challenges on the group or team rather than the individual level.

It's all these party strategies that make both the Detective and the Harry Potter Party such Big Hits with the Kids

And these same strategies will insure that any party you plan for your 9 year olds will be equally 'awesome'.

But why not go with these Tried and Tested (and Guaranteed) Detective or Harry Potter parties for your 9 year olds? These parties have been delighting kids for all of the 17 years we've been providing them online. Everything's available for immediate download and it will go together for you in just a couple of hours for the Detective Party, a bit longer for the Harry Potter Party (the prep is more involved as there are a variety of games rather than one all-encompassing mystery)

Hedwig Sherlock

The Detective Party: The invitation, all clues and hiding places, and a 'warm up' detective game, are all included and a printable party favor and themed thank you's are available. It really is a 'complete' party package. Follow this link for the full details about this awesome Detective Party.

The Harry Potter Party: The printable invitation with their 'ticket' to Track 9 3/4, all games with prep and playing instructions, printable banner and a schedule are all included with the Harry Potter Party Package. Again, a printable party favor and themed thank you's are also available. Follow this link for everything you need to know about the magical Harry Potter Party.

Otherwise, browse through our resource of party ideas collected from around the web. All are suitable for kids age 9 and 10:

Kids that are 9 and 10 share many similarities but are also very different. My daughter can be into and enjoy things your son loves to do, and vice versa. The older ones will just take things to a different level. So I group my party ideas into a bracket for 9 and 10 year olds. You'll easily be able to pick out the ideas that are gender specific.

Head on over to the full list of party ideas for kids in this age bracket - CLICK HERE

If you'd like to search this party ideas database for 9-10 year olds by TYPE of entry (Games, Food, Decorations, Crafts, Favors, Gifts, Themes, Invitations) grab out Interactive Kids Party Planner HERE and you'll be able to do so.

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We hope you find the perfect party ideas here and are glad if we've been helpful.