8 year old girls birthday party ideas- 'tis a puzzlement:

How to keep them all fully engaged in your party activities for several hours is the issue, but we've got the answer right here:

The Survivor Party... [perfect for mixed groups of boys and girls as well)

They'll all be excited and interested before they even arrive, then a bunch of quick games will have them all laughing and thinking and being silly and having a blast.

It's all designed to keep them focused and that's the secret: good games that grab their interest and keep them 'in the game' and not making trouble.

And it's a lot easier to accomplish with 8 year olds than it is with younger kids:

Your 8 year olds have acquired a bunch of skills you can use to your advantage in planning your party:
      - they can now read reasonably well
      - they've learned how to work in groups in school
      - they can follow more complex instructions, meaning your games can be more interesting and challenging
They still need physical activity mixed into your plans so they don't get all squirmy and can retain their focus, but these activities too can be more complex
Girls can handle a bit more cerebral challenge (quantity, not quality) than boys at this age, and, of course, most still love the artsy-crafty stuff
Although the tutu's and superhero capes are probably no longer in use, your 8 year olds still have very active imaginations - just don't beat them over the head with 'pretend play' and they'll readily go along with a fun concept like Survivor and stay involved.

But they're still kids...

CheckMark While games and activities can be more complex, the instructions for those games and activities still need to be relatively simple and very clear

CheckMark You're the "Master of Ceremonies" explaining the games & activities and keeping things moving along. The more 'into' your role as 'MC' and out of your role as 'parent' that you get, the more the kids will stay engaged and go along with your theme and it's games

CheckMark Keep all your activities within their developmental capabilities: these can have a VERY wide range in any group of 8 year olds, so DON'T assume everybody is at the same level as your child- plan for differences:

CheckMark Attention spans are still relatively short,, so don't let your games or activities go much past 15 to 20 minutes each.

CheckMark As their young egos have developed, so has the potential for problems, so take away any individual pressure by making as many activities as possible a team effort.

CheckMark Even at 8, it's still a good idea to limit the parties total size and keep teams small. The more kids you have, the less control you have and the group's dynamics can get ahead of you.

CheckMark Entice and excite your party kids with an interesting theme, one that hints at something new and different from all the other parties they go to seemingly every weekend. Just make sure the new and different isn't perceived as frightening. You do need to know your group of kids


My 17 years in the party business have proven that these tips will GUARANTEE you a super-successful party for your 8 year old,


Let us do the work for you with our tried and proven (and GUARANTEED) Print-n-Go Survivor Party that's been delighting both boys and girls, and mixed gender groups, ever since we created it

13 games are included, as well as invitations, thank you's, schedule and printable party favor. All the games are fast paced and keep everybody on the same page, and all can be played indoors or out. All kids seem to think the surivor theme is 'cool'. Follow this link for the full details about this awesome party.

Otherwise, browse through our resource of party ideas collected from around the web. All are suitable for kids age 6 to 8:

Kids between the ages of 6 and 8 share many similarities and are also very different. My daughter can be into and enjoy things your son loves to do, and vice versa. My 8 year old can adore doing the things your 6 year old likes, and vice versa, the older ones will just take it to different level. So I group my party ideas into a 6 to 8 age bracket- gender neutral.

You're being directed below to all the party ideas for kids age 6 to 8, both boys and girls. You know your child and her group of friends and you'll be able to quickly tell which ideas are relevant for you, and which ones aren't.

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We hope you find the perfect party ideas here and are glad if we've been helpful.