What's the PERFECT 6 year old girls birthday party idea? Our Print 'n Go Survivor Party Package
[perfect for mixed groups of boys and girls as well)

Not a 'girly-girl' party theme like a princess party

but at 6 they've no doubt been to a whole bunch of princess parties and will get super excited by something new and different.

In fact, the whole 'Survivor' concept will have them interested before they even arrive, making them ready to get fully engaged in your planned activites.

And we've got all the activities you need included- 13 quick, silly games to keep them laughing, moving and having a blast!

And that's the secret to all successful kids parties: good games that grab their interest and keep them 'in the game' and not making trouble.

These girls ARE only 6...

CheckMark And their imaginations are still wonderfully active. Engage those imaginations and they'll stay with you and stay involved.

CheckMark Make sure your games include both mental and physical challenges so the 'squirmies' don't win out and they can't stay focused.

CheckMark That being said, do include activities that engage their minds as well as their bodies- 6 year olds delight in being able to meet a challenge, accomplish a task.

CheckMark Which means, the 'take them somewhere to do something' places that usually only feature one activity isn't the best of ideas as that one thing can go stale more quickly than your time frame and leave you with a bunch of difficult kids on your hands.

CheckMark DON'T assume everybody is at the same developmental level as your child- plan for differences. Any group of 6 year olds will have a wide range of capabilities.

CheckMark Keep your game instructions simple and crystal-clear.

CheckMark Keep your games short, to match the short attention spans of 6 year olds, probably no more than 15 minutes, but be flexible and move things along even sooner if things are dragging.

CheckMark Keep everybody involved most all the time- don't ask the kids to wait their turn (they're not very good at it yet).

CheckMark Use team rather than individual challenges so nobody crumbles under the pressure- you never really know who is sensitive about what.

CheckMark Limit total party size so no one is overwhlemed , and keep teams (which often require working together) small: those social skills are still developing. Specifically, DON'T invite the whole class: the dynamics of such a large group can get the best of you AND put too much pressure on the birthday child, potentially contributing to that dreaded 'melt down'.


Follow these 'rules' and you'll have a truly successful party for your girl.


Let us do the work for you with our tried and proven Print-n-Go Survivor Party that's been delighting both boys and girls, and mixed gender groups, for over 12 years now.

Use some or all of the 13 games included- all fast paced enough to keep everybody on the same page, and all can be played indoors or out. All kids seem to think the surivor theme is 'cool'. Follow this link for the full details about this awesome party.

If you're committed to the D-I-Y mode for this party, check out all the party ideas from all over the internet that we've collected over the past decade that are suitable for kids age 6 to 8:

Every kid is different, different in their personality, their interests, their development level. Kids between the ages of 6 and 8 share many traits and interests, and my older child can enjoy things that your 6 year old loves to do, and vice versa. Your girl can adore doing the things my boys like, and vice versa. So I group my party ideas into a 6 to 8 age bracket- gender neutral.

You're being directed below to all the party ideas for kids age 6 to 8, both boys and girls. You know your child and her group of friends and you'll be able to quickly tell which ideas are relevant for you, and which ones aren't.

Head on over to the full list of party ideas for kids in this age bracket - CLICK HERE Photo of me and my kids

We hope you find the ideas here that get you to the perfect party for your 6 year old girl, and we're glad if we've been helpful.