The Print 'n Go Survivor Party Package is THE PERFECT 6 year old boys birthday party idea
[perfect for mixed gender groups and all girls, too]

but for those not so inclined, you'll find all the info you need right here to make the right choices for a different but super successful celebration of your little boys birthday.

These are the exact same components that make the Survivor Party such a hit with both the kids and with the parents hosting the party, so they're all tried and true.

First off, your plan must be geared to:

their energy level ... their developmental level ... their abilities ... and their interests

And plan around these developmental limitations:

CheckMark Generally in 1st grade, 6's are beginning and most likely pretty shaky readers, so keep any reading component of your party to the bare minimum.

CheckMark Following instructions isn't yet their best skill.

CheckMark Attention spans are, at best, short.

CheckMark And just to make your job as host a bit more challenging, their social skills are still pretty rough.

Measure your party ideas against these guidelines:

Your games MUST keep them engaged or you're asking for trouble.

Don't expect them to do any one thing for more than about 15 minutes- which pretty much eliminates the "take them somewhere to do something" party plan. Because doing the one thing that such places generally provide is too much of that one thing. Ever sit (HA!!) through a 2 hour movie with a bunch of 6 year old boys? And how many bags of popcorn and trips to the loo did that take?

At the tender age of 6, anything they've never done before will get them interested

PROVIDED it's not threatening or perceived as too scary or difficult such that fear of failure becomes an issue.

Once they're interested, keep them totally involved by providing simple and short challenges- mental and/or physical

But DON'T ask them to "wait for their turn" to participate: your games must include all the children almost all of the time.

Big groups don't work as well as small ones with a bunch of kids this age, both in terms of the total size of your party and the number of kids participating in any one activity at a time

The larger the group, the less control you'll have over the behaviors that the group dynamics may produce.

Any challenges your games provide should NOT be performed individually as this can be very threatening to some kids, and lead to difficult behavior you don't want to have to deal with

Even Charades can scare some young kids out of their socks because they have to 'perform' in front of their friends.

Don't be intimidated by all these 'dont's'


There's still lots of 'do's' to make a very successful and memorable birthday party for your now 6 year old.

One Last Reminder: Our Survivor Party follows all these 'rules' and it's been a proven hit with kids and parents alike for 17 years now.

Choose from (or use all) 13 fast paced games that the kids play in teams, inside or out. And it's perfect for this age group. Follow this link for the full details about this Survivor Party.

And, of course, as one of our 5 Print 'n Go parties, it's easy and fun to host!

Browse through all of the ideas suitable for age 6 to 8 here:

This is a mixed bag of game ideas, as well as ideas for food, decorations, birthday gifts, etc. - all geared to this age group. These have been chosen from all around the web in an effort to find the best and to save you from spending hours looking in a million places that are really only trying to sell you expensive party supplies and such THAT YOU DON'T NEED TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL PARTY!!

Please forgive- seem to have a few things mislabeled as to age group that are showing up here that shouldn't, but you'll be able to tell which ones. Working on getting them removed :)

We've got 301 ideas here for you today, adding more all the time. Scroll on through and you never know what might jump out at you as the 'perfect' thing for your upcoming celebration.

arrow Switch and Go Dino
Dinosaur Switch and Go from VTech for boys age 3 to 8
arrow Magna Tiles
Magna Tiles provide creative play that builds math, logic and spatial problem solving skills - a three way winner
arrow Anytime, Anywhere
Encourage literacy with an inviting basket of blank books just begging to be completed by your children
arrow Pencil Fun
Decorate pencils for a simple, not over-long party craft activity
arrow Building with Newspaper
This is an inexpensive building project perfect for small groups at your next Bob the Builder party
arrow Go Sum Math App
Scrabble fun, but with numbers and arithmetic, for your iPhone or iPad
arrow Educational Apps
Thoughts on how to evaluate an educational app
arrow Angry Birds Masks and Bowling Game
More Angry Birds Party Ideas- Mask Favors, Favor Bags and Bottle Bowling Game
arrow Zig Zag Streamers
Your birthday child can easily make these zig zag streamers for his or her own party decor
arrow Outdoor Art
Outdoors in the summer enables us to let the kids get substantially messier than in the winter in your living room, and clean it all up with the hose.
arrow Pretty Duct Tape Bracelets
A simple party craft for girls to make bangle bracelets out of cardboard tubes and the new patterned Scotch Duct Tape
arrow Make A Robot
Here's a fun team game for just about any birthday party- Build a Robot
arrow Tower Building
Building a tower out of paper cups rather than plain old blocks is a different ball game and that's what makes this seemingly simple task a good party challenge.
arrow Foam Prints
Let the kids make prints as a craft activity at your next birthday party, using food container foam panels and small rollers from the paint store
arrow Serial Monthly Grandparent Gifts
Monthly subscription gift project packs that your child enjoys and lets the far-away relatives get in front of their loved child at least once a month- a great gift idea.
arrow Birds Nest Nature Party Craft
A nature party craft making birds nests, including the birds, using pinecones and sticks.
arrow Scream for Ice Cream
Summer's were made for ice cream, so it's a perfect party theme and these are great wonderful ideas for an ice cream party
arrow Skittles Suck Up
The team with the most skittles wins the birthday party game. Everybody wins their skittles
arrow Outdoor Deck Board Game
Tie different games together into a coherent and engaging party plan with an oversized outdoor game board
arrow Team Tower Construction
Challenge your party kids to outdo each other building the tallest tower out of a collection of small cardboard boxes and just plain old cardboard, and watch the competitive juices kick in.

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We hope you find the perfect party ideas here and are glad if we've been helpful.