Here's more ideas for parties for kids age 6 to 8:

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'Tis the season, so we'll be looking for ideas for fun outdoor, sometimes wet, birthday party games like this one
arrow Drive In Movie Night Party Plan
Whatever the movie, they'll enjoy their own little spaces while they watch and munch and chat at your drive in movie night slumber party
arrow Tin Can Favors
Recycling your tin cans into these pretty party favors is certainly easy and inexpensive and they'll actually get used when they take it home.
arrow Paper Favor Cake
With this artful and lovely presentation, it almost doesn't matter what party favors you put in the little boxes that they'll choose to take home
arrow The Bucket Game
This is one of the oldest and simplest birthday party games for preschool and kids age 6 to 8 that there is, but adding the points and the colorful targets makes it new and different
arrow Magic Math Trick
A little math foolery that will make you look like the magician genius at your magic birthday party.
arrow How to Make Friends
Put Making Friends Is an Art on your bookshelf as a terrific resource when your child needs some guidance about making friends and building relationships.
arrow Pie in the Face
A Pie in the Face Birthday Party is so beyond the normal that your party kids will absolutely love it.
arrow Balloon Pop Favor Game
Here's a balloons birthday party game that can also be a unique way to hand out those party favors for the kids
arrow Magic Balloon Trick
With the help of a little carbon dioxide and sleight of hand, the genie in the bottle will blow up the balloon and delight your young magic party guests.
arrow FREE Busy EBook
This free ebook full of an experienced mom's ideas for kids activities belongs on your electronic bookshelf.
arrow Are Party Favors Mandatory?
Kids birthday party favors don't have to be a big deal; some suggestions for changing this custom.
arrow MadLibs
Use MadLibs as one of your birthday party games and share in the laughter.
arrow Exercise and Learning
Studies are showing a strong link between physical exercise and academic performance, so here's some kids tips to help get those brains firing on all cylinders.
arrow Fairy Cupcakes
Bring their fantasy to life without too much work with these adorable fairy cupcakes at your little girls next birthday party
arrow Rainbow Cake Surprise
Surprise your party guests with this plain, ordinary looking birthday cake that's a BIG surprise when you cut it open.
arrow Ball Toss
Make a themed poster copying a simple internet graphic related to your party theme, cut a hole, and you've got a ball toss birthday party game
arrow Party Prizes
Keep your party prizes silly and fun (and at no or minimal cost) just like your birthday party games and nobody will get upset about not getting a prize.
arrow Healthy Party Treats
Let there be cake, but here are easy suggestions for keeping the rest of your birthday party food treats at least semi-healthy while still pleasing to the kids.
arrow Marshmallows on a Stick
Instead of sending cupcakes to school for the classroom birthday celebration, try this allergy and gluten free Marshmallow On A Stick birthday treat.

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