The 13 year old Birthday Party- it's hard to find the right mix of 'grown-up' and 'still kids':

CheckMark Pinatas and a pizza just doesn't cut it anymore

CheckMark Many teen party games aren't really appropriate for a 13 year olds

CheckMark TURNING 13 IS A BIG DEAL. You want a great celebration without breaking the bank or making yourself nuts figuring it all out

What's a Parent to Do?

Make this 13th birthday party a murder mystery

            The kids will LOVE IT!

A murder mystery party is sufficiently 'grown-up' for the kids to get very excited about it

Yet the plot content need not be age inappropriate.

It's a challenge for kids this age, and a challenge that will keep them tuned in and engaged for the entire duration of your party.

It's a challenge they can handle. All the imagination and creativity still left in their young minds will pour into the game, making it exciting and stimulating. The result? A party they'll call 'awesome'.

Announcing the murder mystery party for 13 year olds
  See the feedback from parents in the right hand (yellow) column -->
and on our Parent Review page - many were skeptical at the start about the kids ability to handle this and they all did, and had a blast doing it!
And it's a challenge YOU can handle as all the work putting together the story line and the character information for the kids role-playing is all done for you. You just provide the venue and the snacks - cheap and simple.

Make it a Medieval Madness Party

Medieval anything is a real draw with the 13 year old crowd. It's sufficiently removed from their own lives and culture to provide ample room for those imaginations to go to work.

They get to dress up for their roles without it feeling childish.

The social posturing that kids this age are constantly engaged in will dissappear from your party as they focus on their characters and making things happen within the plot line - a huge bonus!

This is a "Print and Go" party package- get the info to the kids, have snacks and you're DONE!

The plot includes a diverse mix of interesting personas for your group to become- you can assign parts based on personalities to ensure success.

The game is structured, but still gives the kids plenty of freedom to take the plot in different directions of their own making. There are no 'scripts' to memorize.

Many plotting, trading and scheming opportunites are built right into the plot line, yet it's all age-appropriate for 13 year olds.

Definately NOT a 'been there, done that' party

"...I even got phone calls from parents telling me how much fun their daughters had. All in all it was the best party I have ever thrown. I would recommend it to anyone!""
- from Kathryn in Ann Arbor

Give your 13 year old a special party for this special milestone celebration.

Yet it's cheap, simple to host, and great fun for the kids. See the details of the Medieval Madness party, and you'll know it's the best answer to that 13th birthday party question.

It works, and works very well, for mixed gender groups and for all girl parties. It doesn't work at all for all boy parties as the roles include females.

NOTE: Don't be put off by the age recommendation of 11 to 13 for the Medieval Madness party game. Younger kids use less of the information provided and don't take the action as far as the older kids do. There's plenty of plot line, and character info provided for the older kids to take it all to a deeper level, and have even more fun doing it.

Have a great party!

Photo of me and my kids


If a medieval murder mystery just isn't the right thing for YOUR 13 year old, check out all the ideas we have for teenage parties.